Nice to meet you! albeit on-line.


My name is Emma Mackenzie, mum of two great kid's and the proud founder of MIMI Haircare for Kids. 

Like any new parent,  I was conscientious of the personal care products,  I used on my baby.  As my kid's grew,  and their personal care needs changed,  I struggled to find natural,  plant-based products that worked for their age.

My biggest challenge, by far, was hair care.  Baby products no longer did the job and adult products contained nasty ingredients that stung their eye's.  Hair care had become stressful and something to avoid.  But avoiding it only made things worse. 

Working with Australia's leading cosmetic formulators,  I have developed the worlds safest and easiest hair care solution that works for kid's.  Only plant-based ingredients,  that won't sting kids' eye's.

I guarantee everyone will be smiling 


Emma is an accomplished marketer with over 15 years of experience in connecting the world’s biggest cosmetic brands with consumers.


Working across the Australian, UK and American markets, Emma has been privileged to learn from the best industry leaders from L’Oreal, Elizabeth Arden and Revlon.  

With a passion for the beauty industry and the unique talent to think creatively and analytically, has proven successful in marketing the brands she loves.